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So far, 2021 has felt a lot like 2020.

With January behind us, little has changed. Much of the world is still in quarantine. Casual trips to the dentist, spa, or barber still come with a laundry-list of complexities and customers are still looking for products that help avoid them. It’s normal to feel a sense of deja vu.

But one BIG change is fuelling a whole new set of trends⁠—us. And we’ve changed a lot.

Remember back in March 2020, when toilet paper sales soared? At the time, it was believed that an inevitable supply-chain disruption would cause a massive shortage and that we needed to stock-up to stay ahead of it.

Of course, the massive supply-chain disruption never came. There was a shortage of toilet paper, but in an ironic twist, the only thing fuelling it was panic-buying in preparation for a shortage.

When toilet paper sales sank back down to pre-pandemic levels, it wasn’t because any circumstances of the pandemic had changed.

It was because we changed.

This has been an ongoing process since then. As we learn more about the crisis, we become better at managing it, and our needs and spending habits evolve.

New grass still grows from old soil, and new trends still grow from old circumstances.

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